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Hello, everyone. For those of you new to my blog, my name is Joshua. Today I will be reviewing The F Word (What If in the United States of America) is a 2013 romantic comedy based off of the play Toothpaste and Cigars written by TJ Dawe and Mike Rinaldi. The movie stars Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter Franchise, Now You See Me 2) as Wallace, a medical school dropout hopelessly searching for love and Zoe Kazan (Ruby Sparks, It’s Complicated) an animator chasing her dreams and is directed by Michael Dowse. What If follows the growing friendship between them. Before I review, let’s take a look at the story of this beautiful film.


Wallace has an odd job and lives with his sister and nephew in Toronto, Ontario. He dropped out of medical school after he caught his girlfriend having an affair with one of his teachers. Wallace has been anti-social for years but is coerced by his best friend Allan (Adam Driver) into coming to his house party. Once there Wallace meets Allan’s cousin Chantry. Meanwhile, Allan meets Nicole and the two flirt with each other. Wallace and Chantry immediately hit it off, realizing they have a lot in common. The two walk home together where Wallace learns that Chantry has a boyfriend. Nevertheless, Chantry gives Wallace her phone number.

Wallace goes home and decides against calling Chantry. However, the two meet up again at the local movie theater after seeing The Princess Bride. They decide to have dinner together at a local diner and end up having a great time.

Time passes by and Wallace and Chantry’s friendship grows. The two discuss multiple (and random) topics including Fool’s Gold – a piece of bread baked, cut in half, and stuffed with peanut butter, jam, and bacon. Chantry decides that it’s time for Wallace to meet her boyfriend – Ben. Ben immediately voices his concerns about feeling threatened by Wallace, but Wallace insists that he is not in love with Chantry. The dinner party goes haywire when Ben accidentally falls out of a window and ends up in the hospital. While at the hospital Chantry and Wallace awkwardly run into Wallace’s ex-girlfriend, Megan.

After recovering from his injury, Ben leaves to Dublin, Ireland for six months for his work with the United Nations. Chantry feels alone and sad while he is gone, but finds comfort in her friendship with Wallace.

Allan and Nicole get married and Wallace is seduced by Chantry’s sister, Dalia (Megan Park). Wallace pushes Dalia away, afraid a relationship with her would ruin any chance he would have with Chantry.

Allan, Nicole, Chantry, and Wallace hang out together at the beach and decide to go skinny dipping. This proves to bring Chantry and Wallace closer. Allan and Nicole steal their clothes to further Chantry and Wallace’s relationship, but Chantry and Wallace are angry that Allan and Nicole tried to force an intimate relationship between them.

Chantry is offered a promotion to direct an animation project in Taiwan. However, Chantry is afraid that she is giving up her life, and goes to visit Ben in Dublin to clear her head. However, when Chantry arrives she learns that Ben plans on staying for six more months to continue his work, and Chantry leaves him angrily, breaking off their relationship. Wallace arrives in Dublin to tell Chantry how he really feels but is punched in the face by Ben, who is angry over his recent breakup.

Wallace hurries to return back to Toronto and meet up with Chantry. The two meet up for lunch at the diner, but when Wallace tells Chantry the feelings he has for her she reacts angrily, subsequently ending their friendship.

Wallace prepares to return to medical school and go on with his life without Chantry, while Chantry plans on going to Taiwan for her job. Wallace, however, decides to attend Chantry’s going away party. The two share a tearful goodbye and give each other a Fool’s Gold Sandwich. The two kiss and admit their love for each other.

Eighteen months later, it is revealed that Chantry moved to Taiwan and Wallace proposed to her and finished medical school in Taiwan. The two return to Toronto and marry, contemplating the rest of their lives together while watching the stars.

What If movie photo

What If was a beautifully written film. It was wonderful, a romantic love story that you won’t want to look away for one second. Daniel Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan had amazing on screen chemistry. Their relationship was incredibly adorable and hilarious. The two had an instant connection, and throughout the film, the audience is rooting to see them get together. Wallace is portrayed as a kind and caring guy, who doesn’t try to come between Chantry and Ben’s relationship. Chantry is a charismatic and funny character who dreams big and puts friends and family first.

Wallace and Chantry’s love for each other only grows throughout the film, and What If portrays an honest relationship between the two friends. The film also tackles many different life decisions, including career changes, choosing your friends and romantic relationships, and long distance relationships. Wallace and Chantry are a cute and sweet couple whose relationship is beautiful and irresistible.

While the film has a magnificent cast and plot, it includes many animation sequences that distract from the plot and take away from the film. The animation sequences are unnecessary to the story and the movie would be better without them.


♥♥♥♥ out of ♥♥♥♥♥

Thank you so much for reading my review on What If. Be sure to comment and check back daily for new and interesting reviews on films, books, and much more. If you would like to suggest to me an idea for a review or have comments or concerns, please contact me below.






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